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June 2019 Minutes

Geneseo Community Main Street

Monthly Meeting June 2019

6/19/19 at 8:30am, Big Tree Inn

In attendance: Penny/Tompkins Bank, Mary Kay/Promote Geneseo, Louise/Livingston County Development, Sandi/Not Dot Shop, Ruth/Sweet Arts, Beth/Beth Doty, Melissa/Chamber of Commerce, Jennifer/Touch of Grayce

Treasurer Report - 8:30 am

-Penny needs access to the email

-990N postcard will be filed soon

-Penny can come pick up Bear Bucks or you can bring them to her, she will cut you a check

Sidewalk Sales - 8:35 am

-We’d like to encourage businesses to go outside

-Tell businesses that there are food vendors looking for a place to go if they want to host them - Jennifer

-Sweet Arts might invite the ice cream vendor

-Touch of Grayce may host kettle corn

-Not Dot Shop may have a food vendor to draw people to Main St.

-Rotary ask if GCMS wants to sponsor the Talent Show

-Louise will find our exactly what type of sponsorship they are asking for

-Louise motinioned to offer to donate $175 in Bear Bucks for prizes

-Penny, Jennifer & Sandi seconded this motion

Girls Night Out - 8:45 am

-Thursday November 14th 4:00-8:00pm

-Sell 200 tickets to our best customers at $35 each (personal ticket sales)

-Encourage businesses to invite their email list


-Sweets Arts Cookie Decorating

-Perhaps do a buy 2 for $60

-Invite Maurices

-Shutterbus - VW Bus photo booth

-In coupon book put Christmasing & Shop Small (11/30)

-1 or 2 Mandatory Meetings for participating businesses - evening meeting

-After we approach the businesses

Next Meeting: Monday 6/24/19, 8:30am

Finding a Part-Time (non-intern) Liaison - 9:15 am

-Interns have not been consistent or connected, we need consistency & accountability

-Motion to write a contract to hire Beth as part time Liason

-Look up Caroline's contract & adjust for new position - Jennifer

-We can look it over and vote in July

Next Meeting - 9:25 am

Wednesday July 17th, 8:30am, Big Tree Inn

-Sandi will let the Big Tree know

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