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May 2019 Minutes

Geneseo Community Main Street 5/15/2019 @ Big Tree Inn

Present: Beth/Beth Doty Design, Julie/Howard Hanna, Grayce & Jennifer /Touch of Grayce, Penny/Bank of Castile, Mallory/CAS Marketing, Jonna/CAS, Louise/Livingston Cty Dev, Mary Kay/ Geneseo Welcome Center, Julie/ Florence’s Perpetual, Sandi/Not Dot

1] Treasurer’s report: Penny presented new format for report. She spoke with tax accountant and can file a simple form for 2018’s taxes. Planning on having a report of expenses and income for each event. We will give the $300 to the Geneseo Groveland Food ban, and Intermissions card to the String Band for the Wine Stroll. Penny & Jennifer will be working together

2] May Day Sip & Stroll: 320 tickets sold, some 305 picked up. Good attendance despite bad weather. Julie M. suggested having 3 registration points to spread out the attendees. Julie M. said that the attendance was good right up to 7:30 pm. We have 40 extra glasses to sell or give away. Jonna said the flow was fine in the front parlor. Touch of Grayce was busy at 8. Julie said she had a good selling day, too. Sandi said Not Dot did really well in sales, better than last year. We encouraged businesses to do more food, music, artists. Alyssa said she sold out of the cheese she was sampling. Erica from the 7-11 told Penny she is in participating. We discussed whether the Committee gets the wineries, breweries, etc. or the individual businesses. Julie M. suggested doing more food, tastings. Sandi suggested including local coffee providers.

3] Future Events: We will not closing off Center Street during the Rotary Summer Festival. There will be Sidewalk Sales from Thursday to Saturday of that weekend. We had agreed to do the Teddy Bear Stroll during that week, ending on July 13. Sandi & Beth will consider heading this project. Jennifer will send an email to all businesses to encourage a Main Street showing that weekend. It is also the Air Show weekend. Grayce mentioned that the event is pretty well self-contained. Should we do an ad in the Air Show guide? Beth will look into social media promotion to the Air Show. Promote Geneseo distributes bags with info into at the Air Show.

We need to tell the Village that we don’t need to block off Center Street, if that is what we decide.

Main Street Bash will be August 29. We need to get a student volunteer to coordinate. We may have to pay them a stipend. Jonna mentioned that they have Thursday night labs so they have classes to be at. 4:00 – 7:00pm. Louise will work on it. Thursday is market day, and we can do a giveaway from the market to encourage people to come up. Maybe do a cookie stroll type event instead of a “bash”. Maybe do it in September? Contact student life to have them put us on their schedule.

4] Orientation Info Sessions: 6 sessions, 1.5hr info session at the Ball Room on Day 2 of each orientation. We decided not to participate, because Jonna reminded us that parents and students are most interested in getting the students ready for school. Grayce mentioned that Orientation is so short and their schedule is so compact that they have no time to shop (until maybe the evening).

5] Misc: Louise has more information on the event Girls Night Out. She will present at a future meeting. May do November 14th. Coupons, specials, swag bag. Celebration. Swag bags need to be really good.

- T-shirts “ladies night” or pins - Get a bus from Dansville

- Coffee & dessert, wine tastings, chair massages, henna - Exclusive ticketed event

- Targeting local women not students - Crafts & activities, wine & painting

- Personalized water bottle. Peel off prizes on the bottom.

- Pick a few activities. - first week of June committee meeting

Membership Drive: Email will be sent to businesses about website to sign-up.

6] Next general meeting: June 19, 8:30am Big Tree

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