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October 2018 Minutes

Geneseo Community Main Street 10/17/2018 @ Big Tree Inn

Present: Beth/Liv Cty Chamber, Julie/Howard Hanna, Grayce/Touch of Grayce, Ruth Ann/Sweet Arts, Louise/Livingston Cty Dev., Sandi/Not Dot, Allie/Geneseo Comm Main Street, Julie / Florence’s

1] Treasurer’s report: Outstanding bill from Josh for web hosting. Attempts have been made to contact him to get the web address information to transfer the site. Grace reports that the new site is ready to go as soon as we get that information. Grayce will reach out to Josh.

2] Pumpkin Stroll: Grayce reports only 20 entries. 10 winners won $20 in Bear Bucks. Mix of people. Julie M. thinks that people didn’t turn their cards in as she had more than 20. Last year the pumpkin stroll ran longer.

- Next year should we do the Pumpkin Roll again? Louise reports that Andy will donate the pumpkins again.

- Julie M. suggested a promotion instead or in addition to the hunt.

- There was discussion about moving the Pumpkin Roll/Hunt during Halloween

3] Promotions in General: Allie will look into registering on an app

- Julie M suggested changing up the prizes.

- There was discussion about giving out discounts, specials along with the registration cards.

4] Membership:. Discussion: Have membership list distributed amongst members for networking.

We could have a committee list and a general membership list. Julie M. discussed having users groups and tracking participation. Julie and Jennifer are working on it and will discuss at next meeting.

5] Christmas in the Village: Proposed Schedule:

- Cookie Stroll 1-5

- Horse drawn carriage 1 – 4

- Coloring contest, maybe an insert in LCN, and/or display in merchants’ windows.

- Carolling during the day: Geneseo Elementary school chorus is not available to sing that day. Julie M will contact Geneseo Christian. Allie has started talking to the acapella groups about singing. Amy Coceran – Genesee Valley Children’s Community Choir will be contacted by Ruth.

- Ruth Ann can do soup and chili outside.

- Julie M suggested having heaters, tents at the end of the day in the parking lot at her shop. She will look into that. We need to ask Don and the Village about using Center Street that day.

- Louise will be having pictures with Santa at the Homestead.

- Strolling food.

Next meeting of the planning committee at Sweet Arts, Oct 22, 8:30 am

6] Next general meeting: November14, 8:30 at the Big Tree

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