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September 2018 Minutes


Geneseo Community Main Street

Monthly Meeting September 2018

9/14/18, 8:30am, Big Tree Inn

  1. Treasurer Report - 8:30 am

  2. Main Street Bash Recap - 8:35 am

  3. Pumpkin Hunt Discussion - 8:45 am

    • Vote: Wagon Rides? - $500

    • Sept 22 - 29

  4. Halloween Discussion - 8:55 am

  5. Christmas in the Village / ChristmaSing Discussion - 9:00 am

    • Committee sign-up

    • Wagon rides?

  6. Intern Report - 9:15 am

    • Introduce Allie, new intern!

  7. Healthy Campus & Community Coalition - 9:20 am

    • Shelly Wolanske

  8. Next Meeting - 9:25 am


GCMS Minutes to the September 19, 2018 Meeting

In attendance: Grayce, Beth, Melissa, Julie, Allie, Shelly, Lora, Sandi, Louise, Mary Kay, Penny & Hannah

Treasurer Report: Current balance $10,396.70

Still need tax information re the Federal Tax Form.

If you have Bear Bucks please submit to Lora at Key Bank for payment. Lora asks that you bring the Bucks to the bank and leave them with a teller as they are short staffed and she may not be able to get to you that day. Leave them in an envelope with your information on it and she will get back to you ASAP.

Sandi renewed the PO Box today for another year at a cost of $96.00.

Main Street Bash Recap: Cleared Expenses as of this meeting are $720.01

395 Cards were handed out and 5 were left. 97 cards were turned in with about 25% of them being a full card. Honey Girl still has 2 prizes to be picked up. The cookies at registration were a big hit! It was felt that more freshman rather than upper classmen attended the Bash. Instagram had 1400 likes from the Bash photos.

The turn in spot at Bar-Eat-o may not have been the best spot. Perhaps next time having the registration and turn in spot be at the Market. More promotion of the prizes and of the actual event is needed for next year.

Merchants need to stay open until the event is over. Some only stayed open for their regular hours making it hard for cards to get marked.

More non-profit organizations will be sought out for next year to set up on Main Street.

Pumpkin Hunt: There are 29 merchants enrolled for the hunt. There will not be a Pumpkin Roll this year. For those participating a pumpkin emblem will be given to put in the window to let customers know the merchants that are a participant. The prizes will be 10 Bear Bucks at $20.00 each ($200.00). The drawing will be on 9/29 @4:00 at Touch of Grayce.

Trick or Treating in the Village will begin at 4:00 with the Parade at 6:00.

Pumpkin Hunt cards will be available at Touch of Grayce, Welcome Center and on Center Street at the Market. Other locations will be determined.

Grayce made a motion and Louise seconded the motion to hire the wagon for 3 hours (1-4:00) for $500.00. It was a success at the Bash and will be a nice addition to the Pumpkin Hunt.

Christmas in the Village (December 1): Allie Massey (the new intern) will Chair a committee to plan this event. Julie, Julie, Sandi, Jennifer, Shelly & Grayce offered to help out. Allie will set a time to meet.

Louise made a motion to secure the wagon rides (12-3:00) for the event and Penny seconded the motion. Louise will look into another sponsor besides GCMS to offset the cost of the wagon. Hannah has some students in mind for Elves on the street. If the cookie stroll will be included in this event, it needs to be spelled out to merchants the cost of the cookies and also how it helps bring customers into their stores.

Grayce will contact Loren to see if he and the Mrs. are available to play M/M Clause.

Intern Report: Welcome to Allie Massey as out new intern. Hannah will be leaving in September. She will put together a binder of all the events she helped with.

Healthy Campus Community Coalition information was presented from Shelly Woolsack (sorry if I misspelled your name). This is a program with a 5 year grant to help bring the college and community together. Welcome bags were brought and are being used as a starting point to get conversations going about the community of Geneseo. There is information in the reusable bags about parks, lift service and many other things to do in the community. Students don’t always know what services there is the community for them.

Chamber Events: Beth Doty will have more information regarding Shop Small Saturday (November 24) at the next meeting. There will be o golden ticket this year for the event.

Next Meeting will be October 17 8:30 @The Big Tree Inn

Respectfully submitted Sandi DeBruycker

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